We want to make renting as easy as possible for you as a tenant, so please read the below guides to make this a smooth process.

Rental Payments

Rental payments are to be made weekly, fortnightly or calendar monthly.  All tenants are required to be a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance at all times.

Rental payments will not be accepted in the office and must be paid either at the ANZ or via internet banking or through Rental Rewards.

Please ensure you use your property code so we are able to identify your payment.

It is your responsibility as a tenant to make your rental payments on time. Our office does not tolerate arrears, however if you do have a genuine situation which will cause your payment to be late please contact our office, and we will assist you with an alternative arrangement.

Rubbish & Recycling

Rubbish and Recycling must be kept in proper bins and put out each week.  Rubbish placed in boxes or bags will not be collected by the council.


Only the people originally included on your application, approved by the owners and the landlords agent are allowed to reside at the property on a permanently basis.

If a new tenant wishes to replace an existing tenant our office must be informed immediately.  They will then need to complete an application form and have it approved before moving in.  A fee of one weeks rent will be charged to the outgoing tenant should this occur during a fixed term lease period.  Bonds are non-transferable without prior written permission.


Your tenancy and liability to pay rent does not terminate until you have returned ALL keys to our office.  Please note this includes garage door keys and remotes.

Garden Care & Maintenance

Unless otherwise stipulated, you the tenant are required to maintain the garden and lawn at the property you lease.  Our requirements are that you water, weed, mow and whipper snip on a regular basis.  Not only does maintaining show you take pride in the property but it also assists in maintaining if not increasing the property’s value for the landlord.

If you feel that you cannot maintain your garden, our office is only too happy to recommend a gardener to you. It is surprising how small the cost is that you pay to have your lawns maintained.

Giving Notice to Vacate

When vacating a property all tenants are required to give 28 days’ notice in writing. Notice is accepted from the day it is received. A form is available in the office for you to fill out.